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BEC Community Programmes

BEC is a nationwide programme, designed to deliver cleaner, cheaper energy to communities

Better Energy Communities Programme

Are the homes and buildings in your community, energy efficient and cost effective to run?

Or is heat escaping through badly insulated walls, roofs, floors or from around windows and doors?

Is your community dependent on CO2 emitting fossil fuels?

Would your community benefit from grant aided, low cost solar energy, insulation, heat pumps, retrofitted windows and doors, energy efficient lighting?

Better Energy Communities Programme (BEC)

BEC is a nationwide programme, designed to deliver cleaner, cheaper energy by upgrading existing homes and buildings, making them more energy efficient and less reliant on CO2 emitting fossil fuels.

It is an EU led initiative, overseen by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

BEC grant approved upgrades and retrofits include wall, roof and floor insulation, door and window replacements, heat pumps and energy efficient lighting, in addition to the use of renewable energy in solar thermal and PV panels.

The BEC programme works with communities, providing funding and technical support with the aim of achieving viable, sustainable solutions to people’s energy needs.

EWC has been involved in delivering BEC programmes to various community groups, sports facilities, private businesses and public sector organisations for a number of years.

Our role in BEC includes our position as:

  • Lead applicant
  • Project co-ordinator
  • Project manager
  • Energy consultant
  • Services procurement

EWC also works in collaboration with Community Outreach Programmes to raise awareness of the potential of a BEC Project.

How BEC Funding Works

Homeowners, communities, and private sector organisations can apply for BEC grant aided energy upgrades.

Grants are available through SEAI, who provide 50% of the cost of retrofits for community projects, up to 30% funding for businesses, 80% for fuel poor households and up to 35% for non-fuel poor homes.

Beneficiaries will be required to indicate that they have sufficient funds available to complete a BEC grant aided project.

Through direct contact with Energy Wise Construction, homeowners can request supplementary credit/funding, repayable partly through energy savings over a 5 year period or 10 year period for community groups.

SEAI have listed a number of agencies available to provide BEC co-funding: Credit Unions, Housing Finance Agency, and Energy Efficiency Loans from banks, ‘Social Finance’ available from organisations like Clann Credo or Community Finance.


For help with funding your BEC project Tel: 049 437-1941 or Email Us. We look forward to hearing from you!